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Updated : January 19, 2023

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Samsung Experience Home starts fresh with a new face and name: One UI Home. It comes with a simple screen layout, neatly arranged icons, as well as Home and Apps screens that perfectly fit Galaxy devices. Meet the better-looking One UI Home that blends familiarity with newness.
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About Samsung One UI Home

Samsung One UI Home is a revolutionary new user interface developed by Samsung for its Android devices. It combines a modern, intuitive design with powerful features to make the user experience more seamless and intuitive than ever before. Samsung has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to providing innovative mobile experiences.

With their latest software update, Samsung One UI Home, users are treated to a beautiful and organized interface that is perfect for any device. The intuitive design of this user interface makes it easy to navigate from one application to another without having to go through multiple pages or menus. Samsung One UI Home is designed with the user in mind and includes features like dark mode, customizable home screen layouts, and gesture navigation.

The UI makes navigation easier by simplifying the layout of applications and content on the screen, allowing users to quickly access important information or tasks within seconds. The smart home tab also gives users instant access to their calendar, music player, and more right from the home screen without having to dig through menus. Additionally, One UI Home allows users to customize their home screens with themes and backgrounds that best match their personal preferences.

One UI Home also includes helpful features like dark mode which reduces eye strain in low light environments; edge lighting that notifies users when they receive notifications; and secure folder which securely stores sensitive data like photos or documents behind an additional layer of security.

What is Samsung One UI Home?

Samsung One UI Home is a software interface developed by Samsung Electronics that was first released in 2019. It is designed to be an efficient and user-friendly home screen experience for Galaxy smartphones and tablets, allowing users to access their favorite apps with ease. With its easy-to-navigate layout, One UI Home makes it easier for users to find the content they need quickly and easily.

One UI Home has several features built into its interfaces, such as gestures for quick access to apps, a more organized settings menu, improved notifications management capabilities, and a customizable home screen layout. Additionally, it also includes features like Dark Mode which allows you to switch between light and dark themes depending on your preference. Furthermore, Samsung’s Digital Wellbeing feature helps users monitor how much time they spend on their devices in order to stay focused on tasks at hand or take regular breaks when needed.

How to Install Samsung One UI Home?

Samsung has revolutionized the way users interact with their smartphones with the introduction of their new user interface, Samsung One UI Home. This intuitive and modern user interface offers a sleek design that is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. Samsung One UI Home replaces the traditional home screen found on most Android devices, giving users access to a wide range of customization options to help them make their devices truly their own.

Samsung One UI Home Features

Samsung has developed a revolutionary new user interface, called One UI Home, which is designed to provide an intuitive and efficient way to use their smartphones. One UI Home is the latest update to the company’s existing user interface, first introduced with the Samsung Galaxy S8. This innovative new user experience puts all of your most frequently used apps and settings at your fingertips while offering an improved design that looks great on any device.


In conclusion, Samsung One UI Home is an innovative new way to access your device, while making it easier and more efficient. It offers a modernized user interface that has been designed with the user in mind. The Dark Mode feature allows you to use your device in the dark without straining your eyes, while the Focus Mode helps you stay focused on what matters most. On top of this, One UI Home also has great customization options that let you personalize the look and feel of your device.

Samsung One UI Home App Summery

Name Samsung One UI Home
Packege Name
Updated On January 19, 2023
File Size 19.57 MB
Requirment Android Version 4.5+
Developed bY Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

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