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Version : 96.0.2

Updated : January 18, 2023

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The FAB Adblocker Browser Premium Apk is a great option for those who want to block ads and trackers.
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About FAB Adblocker Browser Premium

FAB Adblocker Browser Premium is the latest must-have web browser for those who want to browse the web without annoying and intrusive ads. This revolutionary new browser allows users to block almost all ads, ensuring a faster and smoother online experience. The internet has become an integral part of our lives with the increasing time we spend online.

But this convenience comes with the risk of exposing ourselves to malicious websites and ads. FAB Adblocker Browser Premium is a revolutionary browser that provides users with a safe and secure browsing experience by blocking unwanted ads and popups. It offers advanced privacy and security features such as HTTPS Everywhere, tracker blocking, and anti-fingerprinting to keep your browsing data private.

The FAB Adblocker Browser Premium includes many features that make it stand out from other browsers on the market. For example, its ad blocker works in real-time, blocking new ads as soon as they appear on websites. It also has a built-in privacy guard that prevents trackers from collecting information about you when you browse the web. Furthermore, its intuitive interface makes it easy to use and navigate, allowing users to find what they are looking for quickly.

How to Use FAB Adblocker Browser Premium

FAB Adblocker Browser Premium is a powerful browser extension that can help you protect your online privacy and security. With FAB, you can block ads, trackers, and malicious websites while browsing the web. This article will discuss how to use FAB Adblocker Browser Premium to maximize your online safety and privacy.

Welcome to the world of worry-free web browsing with FAB Adblocker Browser Premium! With this revolutionary web browser, you can enjoy all the features of a regular web browser while being protected from annoying ads and pop-ups.

AB Adblocker Browser Premium offers advanced ad-blocking technology that eliminates intrusive ads, giving you an uninterrupted and enjoyable browsing experience. It also provides superior privacy protection to keep your personal information secure.

First of all, when you open the FAB browser for the first time, it will enable its ad-blocking feature by default. You can customize this setting in the Options menu if you want more control over which ads are blocked. It also contains advanced settings such as enabling tracker protection and blocking malicious websites from loading into your browser window.

In addition to providing ad-blocking capabilities, FAB also provides access to premium features such as secure VPN connections for enhanced security and encrypted data communication between your devices and servers.

FAB Adblocker Features

The FAB Adblocker browser is revolutionizing the way people browse the internet. It provides users with a safe and secure browsing experience free of pop-up advertisements, intrusive online trackers, and annoying auto-play videos. This innovative browser not only blocks ads but also provides additional features to enhance your web surfing experience.

The FAB Adblocker comes equipped with features such as blocking specific websites or content from appearing; automatic blocking of malicious websites, tracking cookies, and malicious code; white list support for trusted websites; and full control over what content can be blocked on your device. Additionally, this browser is equipped with a feature that allows you to quickly turn on/off ad blocking for any website you choose.


  1. Blocks ads and trackers, ensuring greater user privacy.
  2. Fast browsing speed with no ads or popups to slow down the experience.
  3. Includes a built-in VPN to add another layer of protection when browsing online.
  4. It has a feature that allows users to whitelist certain websites they want to support while still blocking others.
  5. Available on both iOS and Android devices for convenience.


  1. It requires a subscription fee to use its full features, making it somewhat expensive compared to other ad blockers.
  2. Limited in its compatibility – only available on certain web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari at the moment.
  3. It does not block all types of ads, as some are more difficult for the software to detect and block automatically.
  4. Uses data from user’s devices for targeted ads even if it is blocked, which may be seen as intrusive


In conclusion, FAB Adblocker Browser Premium is an excellent choice for anyone looking to reduce their online presence and the number of ads they encounter on a daily basis. It provides users with an extensive range of features, such as top-of-the-line adblocking, incognito mode, and automatic updates that keep users secure from the latest security vulnerabilities. The browser also offers multiple customization options allowing users to make it their own.

FAB Adblocker Browser Premium App Summery

Name FAB Adblocker Browser Premium
Packege Name com.hsv.freeadblockerbrowser
Version 96.0.2
Updated On January 18, 2023
File Size 169.65 MB
Requirment Android Version 6.0
Developed bY Adblock – Rocketshield Browser Technology Limited

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