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Name College Brawl
Compatible with Android 4.2+
Last version 1.3.2
Size 49.1 MB
Price Free
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College Brawl
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College Brawl is an exhilarating and action-packed fighting game that immerses players in the chaotic world of a college campus. As Ken, a determined college student, you find yourself on a mission to assist a friend in need. However, your path is obstructed by formidable opponents known as the Red Cats, tough girls who stand in your way. With each level, the game intensifies, pushing you to hone your fighting skills, gather resources, and upgrade your character and weapons to emerge victorious. Get ready to dive into an adrenaline-fueled brawl and experience the excitement of College Brawl!

What is College Brawl?

College Brawl is an aggressive fighting game that takes place within the dynamic setting of a college campus. Players assume the role of Ken, a college student on a mission to assist a friend in need. The game revolves around Ken’s journey through various campus locations, where he must confront and battle a group of formidable opponents known as the Red Cats.

The gameplay in College Brawl focuses on intense combat encounters, requiring players to utilize their fighting skills, reflexes, and strategic thinking to defeat their adversaries. As the game progresses, the difficulty level increases, necessitating the leveling up of Ken’s abilities to succeed. In order to strengthen Ken and improve his chances of victory, players must collect battle awards that can be used to enhance his character attributes and acquire more powerful weapons.


In College Brawl, players take control of Ken, a spirited college student with a desire to help a friend overcome a challenge. To progress through the game, you must navigate various locations on the college campus, engaging in intense battles with the Red Cats. As you defeat opponents, you earn battle rewards, which can be utilized to enhance your character’s abilities and acquire better weapons.

The game features a variety of combat moves and techniques that players can utilize to defeat their adversaries. From powerful punches and kicks to clever dodges and special abilities, the gameplay offers a dynamic and engaging fighting experience. As you advance to higher levels, the Red Cats become increasingly formidable, requiring strategic thinking and quick reflexes to emerge victorious.

Features of College Brawl

Character Progression: Begin the game with basic fighting skills and limited resources. As you progress, collect battle rewards to upgrade Ken’s abilities, unlock new moves, and strengthen your character’s overall effectiveness.

Weapon Enhancements: Utilize battle rewards to acquire and upgrade a wide array of weapons. Each weapon offers unique attributes and capabilities, allowing for diverse combat strategies.

Challenging Levels: Experience the thrill of intense battles as you navigate through different areas of the college campus. Encounter increasingly powerful opponents, demanding the constant improvement of your skills and tactics.

Special Abilities: Unlock and utilize special abilities that provide Ken with an advantage during fights. These abilities can turn the tide of battle and provide thrilling moments of triumph.

Immersive Environments: Explore beautifully designed locations within the college campus, each with its distinct atmosphere and visual appeal. From lecture halls and libraries to sports arenas, every environment adds depth and variety to the gameplay.

How to Install College Brawl

To install College Brawl on your device, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Visit the official website or a trusted app store that offers the College Brawl APK file.
  • Step 2: Download the APK file to your device. Ensure that your device allows installation from unknown sources by enabling the “Unknown Sources” option in your settings.
  • Step 3: Locate the downloaded APK file on your device and tap on it to initiate the installation process.
  • Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  • Step 5: Once installed, launch the game and begin your thrilling journey through the college campus.

Pros & Cons: College Brawl


  • Engaging Gameplay: College Brawl offers fast-paced and exhilarating gameplay that keeps players hooked. The intense combat encounters and progressively challenging levels provide a satisfying sense of accomplishment as players improve their fighting skills.
  • Resource Management: The game introduces a resource management aspect where players must collect battle awards and strategically allocate them to character and weapon upgrades. This adds depth to the gameplay and allows for customization and progression.
  • Character and Weapon Upgrades: The ability to upgrade Ken’s character attributes and acquire new weapons provides a sense of growth and empowerment. Unlocking new moves and skills adds variety to combat strategies and keeps the gameplay fresh.
  • Variety of Environments: College Brawl features diverse campus locations, each with its own unique design and interactive elements. This variety adds depth to the gameplay and keeps the exploration aspect engaging.
  • Visual Appeal: The game’s stunning visuals, including detailed campus environments and character models, contribute to an immersive and visually pleasing experience. The attention to detail enhances the overall enjoyment of the game.


  • Lack of Multiplayer Mode: College Brawl focuses primarily on single-player gameplay, which may disappoint players seeking a multiplayer experience or competitive online battles.
  • Repetitive Combat: While the game offers character upgrades and new weapons, the core combat mechanics may become repetitive over time. Without a wide variety of enemy types or combat scenarios, some players may feel a lack of variety in the gameplay.
  • Limited Storyline: The game’s emphasis is on combat rather than an intricate storyline. Players seeking a deep narrative experience may find the game lacking in this aspect.
  • Potential for Grinding: To progress in College Brawl, players may need to spend time grinding and collecting battle awards to upgrade their character and weapons. This repetitive gameplay loop may not appeal to all players.
  • Lack of Platform Availability: Depending on the specific platforms College Brawl is available on, some players may be unable to enjoy the game if it is not accessible on their preferred gaming platform.
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College Brawl is a captivating fighting game that combines exciting gameplay, character progression, and challenging levels set within a college campus. As Ken, players must overcome formidable opponents known as the Red Cats in order to assist a friend in need. With engaging combat mechanics, diverse environments, and the opportunity to upgrade both character and weapons, College Brawl offers an immersive and adrenaline-pumping gaming experience. Get ready to unleash your fighting prowess, level up, and emerge victorious in the thrilling world of College Brawl!

People Also Ask [FAQ]
Is College Brawl available on multiple gaming platforms?

The availability of College Brawl on different gaming platforms may vary. It is best to check with the game's developer or official sources to determine the platforms on which the game is released.

Can I play College Brawl with my friends in multiplayer mode?

College Brawl primarily focuses on single-player gameplay, and as of now, it may not offer a dedicated multiplayer mode. However, it's always advisable to check the game's features or official announcements for any potential updates or additions regarding multiplayer functionality.

How long does it take to complete College Brawl?

The time required to complete College Brawl can vary depending on various factors, including the player's skill level, the amount of time dedicated to gameplay, and the overall game design. Generally, completion times for fighting games like College Brawl can range from several hours to tens of hours, considering the progression.

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