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Version : 6.22

Updated : January 20, 2023

4.1/5 Votes: 793,990 + WARP: Safer Internet Hey people, are you looking for a VPN app for your device that offers outstanding performance and security? You will like this
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About + WARP: Safer Internet 6.22 + WARP Safer Internet Hey people, are you looking for a VPN app for your device that offers outstanding performance and security? You will like this Mod Apk if the answer is yes. Now, whether downloading files or accessing the internet on your smartphone, get the fastest mobile broadband connection speeds.

A fantastic VPN program called was made available by Cloudflare for faster and safer online. It offers you multi-layer protection over your browsing and aids in avoiding internet traffic jams. The application has a ton of incredible features, including split-tunnel support, unlimited bandwidth, outstanding security, and many others.

Because of this application’s powerful connections and DNS management system, it encrypts all traffic leaving your device, giving you greater privacy. Additionally, you can activate the WARP feature to increase internet connection speed and hide your identity from prying eyes.

However, you will only be able to use a restricted amount of WARP in the app’s standard edition, which results in decreased security and connection performance. However, you can pay $4.99 per month for the WARP+ subscription to get rid of all the restrictions and receive extremely fast connections.

Very Fast Speed With WARP

The advantage of above other VPN applications is its exceptional speed. A VPN service called WARP, which uses WARP technology and has strong optimization capabilities, is integrated by Cloudflare. WARP merely encrypts the terminal traffic between your device and Cloudflare, while also building a protective layer to shield each from outside threats, as opposed to going through the procedure of masking your original IP to construct a separate network tunnel. The speed is enhanced as a result.

A Great Way to Connect to the Internet

Additionally, you can now effortlessly improve your Internet connection thanks to You only need to increase the connection’s efficiency and speed. The app may simply improve the connection between your phone and the Internet thanks to the cutting-edge WARP connection.

Protect your Device’s Privacy

Additionally, will never stop trying to increase your online privacy, just as programs like Turbo VPN. Here, the app uses encryption to stop users from watching your browsing and traffic. No one will be able to follow your data as a result. Even will not seek out or sell any of your personal information. So that you can use the app with utmost confidence.

Enjoy Better Security on Your Device

For those of you who are interested, WARP technology has also made it possible for you to experience improved online security. In this case, will aid in filtering out any malware, phishing, cryptocurrency mining, and other online dangers. enabling you to browse the Internet entirely clean on all of your devices.

Browse apps and games

Despite having a limited distribution in some regions, VPNs can also be used to play games or if you prefer a faster gaming experience.

The high interest in this need is shown by the 5-star Google Play reviews. I have also personally experienced the performance that offers. The world’s largest server network belongs to Cloudflare. The application will automatically look for the closest Cloudflare server to connect to and reduce transmission time download when you connect to the internet, as opposed to transmitting and receiving data from the typical Wifi network from Singapore, travelling through Hong Kong, and then to the US. Say goodbye to the lagging circumstance that ruined your experience right now.

Easy to use

Anyone can use the Premium Apk’s capabilities with just one click thanks to its one-click setup. Installing the app on your smartphone and granting all required permissions are all that are required to use the app’s features.

Share with friends

If you’ve been running version of the app on your device for some time, you’re probably aware that it has a limited amount of WARP that can be increased for free by sharing it with your friends.

Make use of this feature to receive 1GB of additional WARP data usage for each friend you invite.

Final Words

Android users will be able to fully enjoy their online experiences thanks to’s easy and usable features and numerous outstanding applications. Use the app at your leisure to unblock all geographically restricted content, safeguard your online identity, and stop others from abusing your connection. All of which will guarantee that you can fully use your Internet connection. Not to mention that using our modified version of the software will make it much simpler. + WARP: Safer Internet 6.22 App Summery

Name + WARP: Safer Internet 6.22
Packege Name com.cloudflare.onedotonedotonedotone
Version 6.22
Updated On January 20, 2023
File Size 31.83 MB
Requirment Android Version 5.0
Developed bY Cloudflare Inc. + WARP: Safer Internet 6.22 Download Links

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Version Size Requirements Date
6.22 30.37 MB 5.0 20/01/2023

What's new

Our latest Android client with improvements and bug fixes to keep your DNS fast and connection secure on the Internet.

Notable changes:
* Connectivity and stability improvements.